Candle Vases


As a potter working in porcelain, and specifically creating pieces where light can shine through, I was drawn to making a vessel which could be used for two purposes… fast forward months and months of making and testing and so my Luxury Candle Vase was created.

Two gifts for the price of one, a candle and then a vase all wrapped up in a beautiful blue box, up cycling at its best.

Prices are: Small £24, Medium £38 and Large £50.

Each vase is completely handmade by me; formed, fired, glazed, re-fired, bling added (gold/platinum) and then re-re-fired.  Then the soya wax is added along with one of three fabulous fragrances; Salcombe, Basil Lime and Mandarin or Pear and Freesia and a suitably sized wick. I am proud of them all!

I hope you enjoy this candle vase as much as I have enjoyed making it.

Oh, and before you ask, my inspiration comes from my beautiful surroundings in the gorgeous village of Shaldon, Devon

Candle Care Instructions

Very Important: When first lit, allow the wax to melt and pool right to the edges of the candle – don’t blow it out until this has happened.

If tunnelling does occur, don’t panic as this can be fixed by getting the wax to a level that the flame can melt it all the way across the diameter of the candle. The solution is to scoop the higher wax out with a spoon or a butter knife until the flame can melt the wax evenly.

Keep the wick trimmed.

Never leave a candle unattended.

Never place a candle on a surface without protecting that surface (in case the base becomes hot)

Lastly, enjoy your two way gift – a beautifully fragranced candle which then becomes an exquisite little vase!